TONE is Astoria’s premier boutique Pilates studio offering an exclusive, intimate setting for your workout experience.



jessica hope

JESSICA HOPE is the owner and director of TONE Pilates. Jessica was introduced to Pilates as a first year dance student at NYU Tisch of the Arts, where she studied with Kathy Grant. She is a graduate of the LaGuardia Performing Arts High School (Fame School) and a native of Queens. Her certification in Pilates was with masters Dawn Marie Ickes and Allyson Cabot and has a specialty in Rehabilitation through Pilates. She holds a BFA from NYU and has danced professionally on Broadway, off Broadway and on tours through North America and Europe as well as TV and movies.

Jessica is a commander of the classroom and strives to provide an engaging and supportive environment for all clients. Her mission with TONE is to keep a homegrown style, artisan feel for the studio. The staff focuses on our clients and wants them to feel that they cared for as they achieve something new each time they step through the door. We know your name so you will never feel like a number at TONE. Our boutique studio is small and intimate and each client becomes part of the TONE family.

The transformation that Jessica has experienced in her body through Pilates by believing in herself and taking risks outside normal expectations has given her the focus, energy and drive to open TONE. Jessica needed to share the journey with others so that they can experience real change in themselves.

Change is possible through hard work, whether you are being provoked by an Evil Finger or feel your abs slowly burned, you are assured to leave the space feeling longer and stronger and with a smile on your face, because you've begun your own personal journey of transformation.



SUSANA MOREHOUSE is from the long and skinny country of Chile. She began her physical training as a gymnast and later as a dancer in college. Susana moved to New York City to study at the Martha Graham School and dance professionally. She uses Pilates personally as a way to stay healthy, fit and free from injury. Susana received her Pilates certification from the Fitness Guru Teaching Lab in Brooklyn, NYC. She loves to work with clients who have specific goals such as marathons, weddings, weight loss or just bikini season!.


Kimberly Murry

Kimberly Murry is a professional modern dancer residing in Queens, NY. After graduating from Ohio University and relocating to Chicago, IL for dance, she settled in NYC three years ago where she decided to obtain her pilates certification from Ellie Herman Pilates Institute in 2018. Since then, she has been interested in exploring the rehabilitation aspects and components that Pilates can offer. Kimberly  found the love of Pilates through her injuries. Her practice involves engaging target muscles groups through full bodied movement. She loves planks and will try to sneak them in any chance she gets. She also lives by one mantra: “When in doubt, work it out!”


Kristen Andersen

Kristen Andersen just loves Pilates!  I was born and raised in Sunny South Florida, where we are all about maintaining our beach bodies and I believe this approach to fitness gives the best results. Pilates also changed my health, as I started the regimen due to a congenital back issue, which caused a lot of pain. Because of Pilates, no more pain and I’m in the best shape of my life. Pilates is the best gift ever given to me and I like to extend it to all my wonderful clients at Tone through teaching them how to use the practice in all aspects of their life.  I also make it fun with a lot of laughing during class. Laughing is great for the Core!


Jennifer radcliffe

Jennifer is originally from Columbia, Maryland and her greatest focus in life has been dancing and performing. She received a BFA in Dance Performance from the Boston Conservatory, and after graduating moved to New York to further her training and perform modern and contemporary dance. She is thankful to have performed on numerous stages and now continues to choreograph and coach aspiring young dancers. Jennifer fell in love with Pilates after moving to the city and realizing that something was missing in her training, something in addition to dance class that would keep her strong and prepare her for performances while balancing work and running around the city. Pilates of course! Jennifer was classically trained in Mat Pilates at Core Pilates NYC in June of 2015. She taught Mat in LIC and Astoria, Queens for 3 years before returning to Core to make Pilates a greater part of her life. Jennifer recently completed her Comprehensive Pilates Certification Program in March of 2018. Jennifer's likes for her classes and private sessions to have a positive and encouraging working environment and strives for her clients to get excited about the process as they strengthen their bodies with this amazing technique. Jennifer focuses on the flow and transitions throughout her class to create a streamline workout for the body and has a detailed eye for body alignment and the technique required to get the most out of a Pilates work out. Jennifer's goal as an instructor is to share her knowledge of the body to help clients feel stronger, to bring them closer to their lifestyle and fitness goals and ultimately to help them feel amazing about themselves as a whole! Jennifer loves Pilates, the Astoria community and she can't wait to work with you! 


Natalie Labellarte

From Los Angeles, CA, moved to NYC in 2011 to to continue her career in dance after graduating with a BFA in dance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She danced and choreographed in Los Angeles professionally for several years as well as taught dance to kids, teens, and adults for 5 years. After moving to NY she worked at 24 hour fitness as a personal trainer and also danced 2 seasons as a production dancer for Norwegian Cruise Line. She then began training as an aerialist at Circus Warehouse in LIC. She was first introduced to Pilates in college and returned there to obtain her certification through DK Body Balancing in accordance  with UNLV in Las Vegas, NV. She hopes to help her clients gain a better understanding of movement and their own personal bodies in a safe, effective way to become a better, stronger version of themselves and obtain their goals. 


Mary Scofield

Mary’s love of Pilates developed as a client right here at TONE! A knee injury in her teens made certain methods of working out too inflammatory and she struggled to find the right balance in exercise. She enjoyed the “gentle on the joints” and targeted nature of Pilates exercises and immediately noticed a positive (and welcomed) change, not only in her knee but, in her whole body. Her connection to and understanding of Pilates deepened when she continued practicing throughout her pregnancy and postpartum recovery in 2014-15. Wanting to make a career change that would allow her to do something she loves while spending more time with her daughter, Mary investigated becoming an instructor. Under the careful training and guidance of master instructor Jessica Hope, Mary received her certification at TONE and has been teaching here since 2017. She enjoys helping clients find their mind/body connection in order to get the most out of every exercise, and watching their hard work pay off as they feel stronger, longer and more confident in their bodies. 

Mary also holds a B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In her previous life she worked in the non-profit/fundraising world specializing in events planning. She has loved living in Astoria for the last 13 years.